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How to Fuel in the Crossfit Open

The time is nearly here. For some it’s the first step to the Crossfit Games, for many it’s a chance to show off their year of fitness, and for most it’s a chance throw down with their community and test themselves in a competitive state. Yes, the Open means something different for each of us, but we should … Continue reading How to Fuel in the Crossfit Open

Why Vegans Are Healthier

I’ve neglected this topic for quite a while, but with the current environment of diet tribes and misinformation, I feel it’s right that people know the truth about vegan diets. Now, my issue isn’t with vegans themselves, I sincerely respect ones decision not to contribute to suffering, and all of the ethical reasons behind avoiding animal products. … Continue reading Why Vegans Are Healthier

Paleo and Crossfit… Can They Coexist?

Crossfit and paleo, two concepts that have grown side by side for the past fifteen years. Two market driven movements that promote health, minimalism, community, and two movements that are as controversial as they effective. Having high stakes in both of these (I coach crossfit and use a paleo template in my nutrition coaching), I have … Continue reading Paleo and Crossfit… Can They Coexist?

How to Increase Your Testosterone…. Naturally

In our last post we learnt that testosterone isn’t just for muscle heads and is vitally important for female and male health. If you haven’t read this, then do the right thing and check it out here. So we know that healthy T levels are linked with bone health, mood, cognition, motivation, weight management and muscle mass. This means … Continue reading How to Increase Your Testosterone…. Naturally

How to Not Get Manboobs

Estrogen is a dirty word for men. We don’t know what it is or what it does but we don’t want any part of it. It’s for women and that’s it. It’s what gives them curves, breasts, and while that’s good on them, we want as little of this thing as possible. What many of us don’t know … Continue reading How to Not Get Manboobs

Protein Powder… Just For Meatheads or A Must Have?

Protein powder can be a dirty word. For some, images of a tattooed gym rat flexing between sets comes to mind. You then see them drinking some strange liquid in a shaker and wonder how legal it is…  For a long time, sports supplements such as these have been reserved for the meathead fringe, as powder companies … Continue reading Protein Powder… Just For Meatheads or A Must Have?

Is Coffee Bad?

This was the first question from a little nutrition presentation I did over the weekend.  The audience turned to the questioner then to me as they were clearly thinking the same thing…. “Do I have to give up my sweet, precious, liquid gold?!”   The answer was “no, it’s not, but maybe yes, it depends…” … Continue reading Is Coffee Bad?