Bronze: 30 Days

  • Customised 30 Day Nutrition Plan
  • Customised 30 Day Lifestyle Plan
  • 2 Consultations

Ideal for somebody who needs some tweaking and accountability in their nutrition. Plans are suitable for fat loss, muscle gain or performance and are designed to compliment a training regime.

Investment: £249


Silver: 90 Days

  • Silver: 90 Days
  • Medical History Review
  • 2 Functional Lab Tests interpretation (choose from adrenal stress cortex, CDSA gut function or comprehensive blood panel)
  • Customised 90 Day Nutrition Plan
  • 3 Months of Health Coaching

Ideal for somebody who wants to dig a little deeper to restore some healthy habits and be held accountable by a coach. You have the option to do hormone, gut or blood tests to identify any potential areas of dysfunction, we then work together to create a personalised protocol for you to follow.

Investment: £549


Gold: 180 Days

  • Gold: 180 Days
  • Medical History Review
  • 4 Functional Lab Tests (adrenal stress cortex, gut function, liver detoxification, food sensitivity)
  • Customised 180 Day Nutrition Plan
  • Customised 180 Day Exercise Program
  • 6 Months of Health Coaching

Ideal for somebody who needs to identify dysfunction at multiple levels and requires a health overhaul. From extensive lab testing, we identify healing opportunities at multiple levels, then work to restore health from within.

Investment £1299