Emma lost 12kg in 4 months! With a focus on holistic nutrition and intelligent training, Emma, made huge changes for life!


Francesco lost 5kg in bodyfat in two months by making small changes to his daily habits. Not only did he lose this fat, but his performance in the gym went up, with his squat, deadlift going up, and gymnastics skills improving.

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This was the result of 3 months of habit changes with nutrition and lifestyle. We didn’t do anything drastic, we simply applied some simple practices down to suit the client. After three months of health coaching, she’s now ready to go about it on her own, and continue to live a healthier, happier life!


Steve is an amazing and very knowledgeable health coach. I already had a relatively healthy lifestyle, body mass and diet and was exercising regularly when I asked advice from Steve. Nevertheless, I had acquired bad habits from years of dieting. Steve managed to change my perception towards diet, convinced me that I should move away from restrictive diets and try to fuel my body to optimise performance and minimise emotional binging and he highlighted the importance of other aspects such as sleep in order to achieve my targets. I He was extremely supportive and positive during the process and with the regular check ins I was kept on track without feeling like dieting. I did not feel exhausted when I worked out like with previous diets, my performance in strength training improved, I felt more confident and I saw substantial results in body definition and composition. Working with Steve has been an awesome experience and has led to a lifestyle change rather to quick fixes!

Vanessa T

Vanessa came to Barefoot Health with a goal of losing bodyfat in a way that wouldn’t interrupt her busy lifestyle. She’d lost weight in the past, but could never find a sustainable solution. After tracking macro ratios, we put together a customised plan that would focus on solid nutrition and lifestyle habits. The results are an indication of a long term approach that makes gradual changes when the time is right – not a short term calorie cutting exercise.

Ade Transformation

“I was in such a chonk just 8 months ago… Thanks to Barefoot Health for this push for the last two months. Nutrition and routine for me has been 90% of the battle to a good shape and I can really credit my results to Steve. Am feeling healthier and stronger every day. And it’s a bonus that I’ve also created lots of healthy eating habits for the long term.”

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